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Publisher: The_HouseShop
Media: CD-ROM


  • CD-ROM


  • An Enhanced Book on A CD-Rom only from The_HouseShop. We have designed it this way so that you can print off pages if required. What do we mean by enhanced? Well it's simple, we have sourced loads more information on the subject and collated it all on this disc so that you need not need to go looking for it yourself.
  • In PDF, and/or Epub, AZW3, Daisy, Mobi and Kindle formats - Files must initially be opened on a Windows computer. There are no audio files associated with this CD. Files must initially be opened on a Windows computer.
  • *PLEASE NOTE* that the disc is supplied in a paper windowed wallet, the main item has no MP3 or WMP or any other audio files and neither is there a case, book or box supplied with this product. We sell them out of a case to reduce postal costs to you. If you require a case please let us know and we can supply one at a minimum cost, please ask before buying.
  • This CD will only work on Windows operating system computers, and is not suitable for Apple computers.
  • The main title on this CD is sold under distributor licence from the author from whom full permissions have been granted to publish and sell on. The extra titles on this CD have been compiled by us from freely available items within the public domain. This is not a copy of any other 'original copyrighted commercially available item' and as such it does not infringe any copyright law and is in full accord with this site's policy. The content format is there for copyrighted by us. Please ask if in doubt.

Editorial Review

The Amateur Gardener provides over 150 pages of helpful gardening how to information and tips that will help you grow plants with ease without them dying like they did on me! Even if you're a professional gardener, you'll find many tips to help better your growing success! Here's What You'll Find In The Amateur Gardener: Choosing the right location on your property for growing plants * Preparing the soil properly to provide nutrition for healthy plants * Fencing techniques for your garden. Techniques for using hawthorn trees as fencing. You do not need to spend hundreds for a chain link, wooden or brick fence. Use hawthorn trees and with a little love and time you'll have a fence that will make your neighbours green with envy! * Designing, or laying out, your garden so that it's pleasing to the eye yet functional as well * You'll learn how to make hotbeds, so that you can start your vegetables earlier in the season and have edible produce as many as 15 days earlier than normal! This can be a money maker if you sell produce. Be the first in your neighbourhood to have fresh green tomatoes and watermelons! * Learn the benefits of operating a hobby greenhouse, and how it can be beneficially to your household * Amateur Gardener provides proper transplanting methods, to ensure your plants survival when moving from one area to another * Cultivating your garden properly and methods for tilling, trenching and sowing to ensure your gardens success * Learn propagating methods so that you can grow many more plants form just one stock plant * Learn how to successfully grow 81 different vegetables and herbs, 26 tasty fruits and nuts and the most popular flowers and shrubs with the most gorgeous blooms! Plus loads more information! You are sure to love the information, guidance and tips provided in Amateur Gardener! Let us get you started and get you learning more about gardening right now, and as always we will even throw in a few more books on the subject free of charge.

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