Hair Loss Treatment | Dermatologically Tested Hair Growth Serum for Men | Developed as an alternative to Minoxidil | One month supply

Hair Loss Treatment | Dermatologically Tested Hair Growth Serum for Men | Developed as an alternative to Minoxidil | One month supply

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Publisher: One Green Lab
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  • GET YOUR HAIR BACK ON THE CROWN! Hair Growth Serum is the ultimate product for men who experience advanced hair loss and baldness. It was specially designed to help stimulate hair follicles.
  • GENTLE & SAFE FOR YOUR SCALP! Minoxidil alternative treats hair loss without the side effects.
  • HAIR LOSS TREATMENT | Hair Growth Serum targets directly advanced hair loss and increases hair thickness significantly, as it helps your skin's and hair follicles' repair, via a combination of powerful, efficient ingredients!
  • ADVANCED WATER-BASED FORMULA! Our potent treatment's formula has watersoluble micronized ingredients, which won't crystallize on your scalp, thus making it nonirritating, non-greasy and very fast drying!
  • KNOW YOUR HIGHLY ACTIVE INGREDIENTS! At FolliOne, we value our customers' trust. That is why all of our active ingredients' concentration percentages are right there for you to know - no mysteries, no secrets. We've got nothing to hide from you!

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Editorial Review

Follione® Hair Growth Serum not only stimulates hair growth on the crown of the head, but also incorporates scalp anti-aging ingredients, found in no other formulation.

Hair loss treatment containing Pyrrolidinyl Diaminopyrimidine Oxide Oxothiazolidinecarboxylate and plant extracts for advanced hair loss.

The main active ingredient of Pyrrolidinyl Diaminopyrimidine Oxide Oxothiazolidinecarboxylate, has a vasodilator effect similar to minoxidil. Enhances the ability of your hair roots to intake nourishment, promotes cell division and the creation of new cells.

The product significantly contributes to the transduction processes. Slowing down the aging of cells, it plays a major role in skin and hair follicle growth factor-receptor network processes, and by dilating blood vessels and opening potassium channels to facilitate the flow of an increased amount of oxygen into blood and nutrients into the hair roots. It can stop and also reverse hair loss. Reduces the symptoms leading to baldness by increasing hair volume and thickness. Regular use enhances hair growth and stimulates the regrowth of lost hair.

Hair regrowth doesn't occur overnight, and it doesn't happen in the same way for everyone. Using any legitimate hair growth product will require consistent treatment for six to twelve months or longer. The most important thing you can do is get started early and don't wait until you are bald to take a stand against hair loss.

Any product that promises fast, unrealistic results isn't going to help you find a real solution to your hair loss problems. Follione products combine the proven ingredients and the most effective delivery system to target all the known causes of hair loss and to help you get the best possible results. The rest is up to you!

Make sure you take photos each month so you can track the hair loss treatment developments in your path to grow new hair.

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