The Nurse's Anatomy and Physiology Colouring Book by:

The Nurse's Anatomy and Physiology Colouring Book

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Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
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Media: Paperback

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Editorial Review

COLOURING - A FUN WAY TO LEARN AND REVISE ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY!Are you overwhelmed by how much you have to learn? Do you want a fun and easy way to study A&P, and remember it? The perfect antidote to hours of dense reading, colouring is fun, creative and a proven learning technique. Put pencil to paper and help your brain to make deep learning connections, improving your ability to retain knowledge and recall it in class, exams or practise. You'll learn without even realising it!Features include: Short and simple introductions to each subject An innovative two step approach, asking you to identify the anatomy and complete the label and add colour as you work through each illustration., Online examples of completed illustrations

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