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Routine = Results

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Publisher: Progressive Property Ltd
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Media: Paperback

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Editorial Review

The most successful people who get the most done, seem to have a set routine. They've created efficient order to the chaos. They've balanced work and play, family and finances, passion and profession. They seem to have all the time in the world, despite the demands and responsibilities. It wasn't always that way. They struggled with overwhelm, distraction and spinning all those plates. They didn't have enough hours in the day. They felt guilt of letting things slip, and frustration at having to deal with everyone else's problems. In "Routine = Results", an action oriented book by best selling author of Life Leverage, Rob Moore, you will discover: > A proven time, diary & life management system for maximum efficiency & freedom > How to plan and do more of what you love, and less of what you loathe > How to effectively balance the tasks pulling you in all directions > How to ruthlessly prioritise the most important things for you, and banish all distractions > A completely bespoke-to-you routine and structure that balances all areas of your life > How to minimise wastage, firefighting, task jumping, overwhelm  & procrastination for good This is not a theory book (or a long book), but a concise, step by step guide to plan and automate your diary, time and life to get more done in less time and create power habits that lead to your ideal balanced lifestyle. You can't manage your time. Time flies regardless. But you can manage your life. You can guard your most valuable asset, but only if you have clear rules that balance all your life areas; a Routine that gets Results. This book will show to you how.

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