Whole Egg Powder (1kg) Perfect for Scrambled Eggs, Cooking and Baking

Whole Egg Powder (1kg) Perfect for Scrambled Eggs, Cooking and Baking

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Publisher: Hoosier Hill Farm
Media: Misc.


  • 100% PURE EGGS (Pasteurized and Spray-Dried) No Additives
  • LONG SHELVE LIFE (No Refrigeration) Safe in Backpack, Boat, Cabin, Home ...
  • EASY TO USE straight out of the Bag (Baking) or Add Water (Omelets)
  • DELICIOUS Omelets, Cakes, Shakes ...
  • Hoosier Hill Farm ... Millions of Satisfied Customer since 1999.

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Editorial Review


Produced by spray-drying fresh eggs (same method as milk powder).

Free from added salt, preservatives, colours and flavours, our Whole Egg Powder is prepared from pasteurised, spray-dried fresh eggs.


Egg powder is produced from pasteurized eggs and is controlled for bacteriological purity, it allows us to get a guaranteed safe product.

EASY TO STORE ("Eggs On the Go")

Egg powder is easy to take along (camping, trekking, boating ...) and has a long shelf life of months to years even.

Just leave a bag or jar in your weekend home, cabin, boat, ... or put some in your backpack for delicious and easy scrambled eggs "on the go".


Simply add water (100 grams of powder + 300 ml of water = 8 eggs).


Use as a substitute for liquid eggs in omelets, baking recipes and as an ingredient for protein-rich foods.

For perfect scrambled eggs: 1 part of egg powder + 2(3) parts of water + Pepper + Salt.

To personal taste; add 0.15 parts of Milk Powder and/or some "Hoosier Hill Farm" Cheese Powder for added deliciousness!

CALCIUM Powdered eggs are high in calcium which necessary for the proper development of the teeth and bones.


The calorie content in powdered eggs is low, so it is a healthy alternative for those wanting to pursue a low-calorie diet.


Powdered eggs are high in protein containing (48%).


Powdered eggs contain plenty of potassium (essential for the functioning of the nerve cells) and sodium (important for the functioning of muscle nerves).

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