Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health

Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health

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Spirituality is intimately tied to wellness. We see this in Spiritual Centers in Brazil where psychic mediums and healers use specific ’Spiritist’ therapies to help people heal from mental and physical illnesses, and enhance spiritual growth.You witness the secret, gentle process of releasing mental patients from obsessions and negative thinking -- which has helped severely ill patients return to normal life. You see a form of laying-on-of-hands Spiritists use to help patients heal from cancer and other degenerative diseases. You hear about the steps of personal transformation needed for true healing.Compelling interviews with physicians and Spiritist leaders give backbone to the effectiveness of these therapies. Intimate, dramatic footage of indigenous healers communing with God and Nature depict the potential human beings have always had for direct communication with benevolent, intelligent, invisible forces.Spiritist Therapies have been developed in community centers, hospitals and clinics for more than 150 years in Brazil. We invite you to contemplate how successful they are in feeding our spiritual hunger and whether these approaches can help our ailing health care system. We invite you to contemplate the notion that they are facilitating participants in reaching their highest human potential.This 33-minute documentary is important for anyone interested in spiritual healing, Reiki, Touch-for-Health, nursing, shamanism, cross-cultural medicine, human potential, and Whole Person Health, ie. Body, Mind, and Spirit Health. It dispels myths that Spiritism is involved with voodoo, animal sacrifice and superstition. It validates the contemporary, scientific aspects of spiritual healing-suggesting these therapies have a place alongside conventional allopathic care. It invites further discussion, study and research.This film is the second in a series of films on Energy Medicine, produced by Emma Bragdon.In English with options for subtitles in French, Brazil

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