Clone [DVD] starring: Eva Green, Matt Smith

Clone [DVD]

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Editorial Review

A film that's perhaps initially most notably for being the movie leading man debut for Doctor Who star Matt Smith, Clone sees him co-star with Eva Green. The premise of the film hinges on the untimely death of Smith's character, and the drive then by Green's to see if there's a way she can bring him back into the world. Her plan is given away somewhat by the film's title, as she looks into the possibility of cloning him, to bring him back to her side.

Interestingly, Clone doesn't go down a gross-out horror route. Instead, it chooses to wrestle with the moral conundrums presented by its ideas. What, after all, would be the ramification of the cloning? Can it really work? Can a relationship really resume under such circumstances? By taking such a science fiction premise, Clone manages to take an interesting look at dealing with grief, in a really quite sensitively handled movie.

It works, too. Smith and Green make for engaging leads, and the studious direction of Benedek Fliegauf is commendable. Its pacing is kept deliberately modest, and there's space to explore the issues the film raises. At times, the low budget becomes evident, and there are bumps along the way with regards the script. But Clone is a worthwhile movie, and a promising start for Matt Smith's headline movie career. --Jon Foster

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