Metal Evolution Collectors Edition | 5 Discs | NON-UK Format | Region 4 Import - Australia Directed by: Sam Dunn

Metal Evolution Collectors Edition | 5 Discs | NON-UK Format | Region 4 Import - Australia

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Studio: Beyond Home Entertainment
Release date:
Media: DVD
Number of discs: 5

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Editorial Review

Metal Evolution is the biggest most comprehensive documentary series ever made on the history of heavy metal and hard rock. This 11-episode series is based on the groundbreaking and much-debated "Heavy Metal Family Tree" - a 26 sub-genre genealogical chart that details the extensive and complex lineage of heavy metal - from Early Metal Shock Rock and Thrash to Progressive Metal Grunge and Nu Metal. Using this chart as his road map our host - metal-head turned anthropologist Sam Dunn - crisscrosses the globe exploring the history of the genre throughout its 40+ year lifespan. From the streets of England to the bars on Sunset Strip, and beer-soaked festivals of Germany to soccer stadiums in Chile, Dunn examines the pioneers of British and American hard rock - as well as the modern day metal luminaries that keep it alive today. Featuring interviews with more than 300 of the genre's most revered artists, producers and experts, Metal Evolution is everything you wanted to know about metal. And then some. EPISODES: PRE-HISTORY OF METAL EARLY METAL US EARLY METAL UK NEW WAVE OF BRITISH HEAVY METAL GLAM METAL THRASH METAL GRUNGE METAL NU METAL SHOCK ROCK POWER METAL PROGRESSIVE METAL

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