SSL Satellites 10 Pack Screw on F Plug Connectors for Satellite TV Twin Cable - Internal Diameter of Plugs is 4mm to fit CT63 / CT64 / WF65 / Coaxial Cables

SSL Satellites 10 Pack Screw on F Plug Connectors for Satellite TV Twin Cable - Internal Diameter of Plugs is 4mm to fit CT63 / CT64 / WF65 / Coaxial Cables

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  • Compatibility: Twist on F Connector ideal for connecting sky HD & sky Q digital satellite receivers, TV, cable boxes, Freesat and antenna cable systems. The center pin offers corrosion resistance.
  • F Connector Diameter: Nickel Plated F Plug Connectors with an Internal Diameter 4mm prevents sharp bends in the cable that could shorten its life span or create a poor quality signal.
  • Excellent Quality: High quality, weather resistant material F-connectors that provide a smooth and consistent seal to reduce signal leakage and prevent moisture penetration for maximum signal reliability and performance to ensure no loss to picture or sound quality.
  • Removable Connectors: Connectors are easily removable by hand and fit them back on if you wish to push through a wall or cut cable to the perfect size. It Includes 10 x F-type connectors to connect to existing cables for moving your sky or freesat box.
  • Easy Installation: SSL F-type connectors simply strip cable as normal and Twist-On connectors for connection to the cable without using a special crimp plier.

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Editorial Review

We know that loose connectors have been with us for as long as connectors have existed. A loose connector creates a potential source of signal leakage and ingress. SSL F Connectors are perfect for cable with 4mm diameter. They are weather-resistant, making them ideal for cables that run outside to a cable or satellite box. They are also resistant to corrosion and normal wear that may take place, inside or out. Excellent standard of manufacture This F Plug connector is used for attaching to standard satellite or coaxial cable, thus enabling the cable to be plugged into a device such as a sky or virgin box. The connector has nickel plated contacts for an improved connection and can be used very easily by screwing onto the cable. Twist-On "F" Connectors Features: ✓Compatible with all twin type coax cable ✓Easy to use coaxial cable connectors ✓Requires no crimping tool ✓F-connectors terminate cables where needed ✓Twist-on 4mm connector ✓Easily assembles cables or replaces broken plugs ✓Ideal to use for connecting Freesat / Ariel antenna to TV set The f coax connector is a coaxial RF connector used for "over the air" cable television and universally for satellite television and cable modems, usually with CT63 cable or, with WF65/63 cable. Replace Broken Plugs Easily connect cables or replace broken plugs with these coaxial cable F connectors suitable for twin cables 4.2mm - 4.6mm outer diameter designed to terminate coaxial cables at custom lengths to meet your wiring needs.

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