Go Play: Circus Star (Wii)

Go Play: Circus Star (Wii)

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Publisher: Majesco
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Media: Video Game


  • Master 15 heart-stopping circus acts like Human Cannonball, Big Cat Taming and Tightrope Walking
  • Unlockdifferent venues from the Parkto the Las Vegas Stadium
  • Challenge 3 other players to determine who is the biggest star!
  • Wii Balance Board compatible.
  • Gain fans by wowing the crowds with death-defying tricks and stunts!
  • Use earnings to unlock additional events and progress in your circus career.
  • Interactive crowd system responds to the quality of your performance. Big stars will get them roaring whereas novice performers can expect tomatoes in the face.
  • Animal events let you control the action while increasing the danger.
  • Choose from 6 unique stars, each with 5 fabulous costumes.


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