Betron HDMI Switch, Switcher 3 Port, Gold Connectors, 3D support (HDMI Switch with Cable)

Betron HDMI Switch, Switcher 3 Port, Gold Connectors, 3D support (HDMI Switch with Cable)

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Publisher: Betron
Media: Electronics


  • Original Betron Product *** Auto switches smartly between up to 3 HDMI sources to one high definition display . Support 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 4k
  • 3D support, NO LOSS Full HD quality. Highly compatible with std HDMI devices. Manual switch override, Self-powering via HDMI. Supports upto 25m cable lengths each side. Ultra compact design (5cm by 5cm). 24K Gold-plated connector plug contactsHDMI v1.4(Latest/fastest spec). HDCP compliant. Fully HDMI Certified. RoHS & CE approved
  • One OUTPUT port and three IN port. Easy operation
  • Item weight: 45g
  • 100% Brand new & high quality . Full satisfaction Guaranteed. 30 days money back guarantee, LifeTime Warranty

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Editorial Review

The better way to connect your all your Home Theater Components is with a HDMI cable, especially if you own a High Definition Television.

The problem that you may quickly be faced with, is not enough HDMI inputs. HDMI Ports can be located on Blu-ray DVD Players, DVRs, Apple TVs, cable/digital boxes, gaming consoles and many other digital streaming devices. With this constantly growing list of devices being added to your Home Theater, you will quickly run out of HDMI inputs on your HDTV. Older High Definition Televisions may only have two HDMI inputs or just one.

f this is the case, you will be constantly unplugging and replugging your HDMI cables to the component you are currently using. The solution to this problem is not buying a new High Definition Television with multiple HDMI Inputs, but instead, you invest in HDMI switches. These are small hubs that offer you a way of connecting all your HDMI enabled devices in your Home Theater, regardless of how many HDMI inputs you have. The hub can handle inputs from multiple HDMI sources and then transmit the signal you want to your HDTV via one HDMI cable.

Make sure your HDMI Switcher can support the HDMI features of your components. For example if you have a new 3D Blu-ray Player, you will want to make sure the HDMI Switcher can sopport High Speed transfers. Details on switches can sometimes be very insufficient. Another key is to look for what HDMI version (1.3,1.3b,1.4) your components have and match it up with the HDMI Switcher. Betron HDMI switch is the latest v1.4 and support all the features that is needed and also backward compatible

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