6x Golebo Anti-Glare screen protector for TomTom Go 6200 (Anti-Reflex, Air pocket free application, Easy to remove)

6x Golebo Anti-Glare screen protector for TomTom Go 6200 (Anti-Reflex, Air pocket free application, Easy to remove)

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  • Entspiegelungs protective display film for TomTom Go 6200 - Anti-Glare effect Anti-Glare Screen Protective Film with long-term protection for TomTom Go 6200 - Guaranteed Quality Manufacture significantly increases the readability of the display under strong light sources such as sunlight
  • Protects against dust and scratches as a scratch protection - fingerprints and dirt with the TomTom Go 6200 protective skin now easily removed
  • Be used if not TomTom Go 6200 Screen Protector can always be repositioned and. Pls take the enclosed instructions or our installation videos for help.
  • The display is achieved through the TomTom GO 6200 Screen Protector remarkably improved as the film Anti Reflective and anti-glare is
  • Guaranteed 100% bubble-free - easy to apply the TomTom Go 6200 film - on the back of the package will give you communication with the scratch protection step by step instructions. An assembly video as an aid is available for viewing.

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Editorial Review

6 x anti-reflex screen protective film TomTom Go 6200 For Display TomTom Go 6200 reduces light reflections, prevents that your screen or touch screen get dirty or scratched. You will receive with the TomTom GO 6200 Screen Protector A TomTom Go 6200 film with a surface that is fingerprints Reduces, as well as dirt and grease resistant.
Improving readability
The TomTom Go 6200 protective film More Clearly the to read the TomTom GO 6200 's guaranteed Entspiegelungs function display under strong light sources (Sun, neon light).
Perfect fit and suitable for any type screen
Just like its crystal clear pack of 2 Brother For The TomTom GO 6200 is also this anti-reflex TomTom Go 6200 film for every type AMOLED, Retina, Resistive, Capacitive or Inductive * * * * * *. The Golebo semi-matt TomTom Go 6200 Screen Protector is its own distinctive characteristics and thanks to the contour and fit the optimal screen protector case/Guard/Film/Cover TomTom Go 6200.
Easy to apply the film
A 100% bubble-free application of the protector is which make to apply the stickers don't need: thanks to their special coating means that the screen protector as often as you wish.
Made in Germany
The Golebo Matte Screen Protector comes entirely on precision machines. The Contour is perfectly constructed and the film is always tested on original machines.
TomTom GO 6200 Screen Protector (Pack of 6)

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