For Sony NP-BX1 Battery,3.6V Sony Rechargeable Battery for Sony Cyber-shot Mod

For Sony NP-BX1 Battery,3.6V Sony Rechargeable Battery for Sony Cyber-shot Mod

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Publisher: keenstone
Media: Electronics


  • High Compatibility: Manufactured to SONY NP-BX1 Battery Specifications(3.6v, 1000mAh), 100% Compatible with DSC-HX100 DSC-HX100, DSC-RX100II, DSC-RX100M II, DSC-RX100V, DSC-RX100V, DSC-RX100 DSC-RX100 IV, HDR-CX405 Digital Cameras.
  • Additional Charging Options: Equipped with micro-USB input, then you can charge on any device with a USB port whenever you want , such as laptop, USB adapter or power bank. Only 2 hours to charge both batteries at the same time with the Keenstone NP-BX1 charger set.
  • LED indicator: Easy and convenient for you to know the battery status: Red for Recharge; Green for Charging completed.
  • 100% Safety Guarantee: Built-in multiple circuit protection (over-charging, short-circuit, high-temperature, and surge protection) and fire-resistant construction.
  • Package Included: 2 * Keenstone Sony NP-BX1 Batteries, 1 * NP-BX1 Battery Charger , 1 * Air Blower, 1 * Micro USB Cable, 1 * Manual 💟18 Months Warranty� (We usually offer refund or replacement for any defective order! You can buy without any worry !).

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Editorial Review

Keenstone Sony NP-BX1 Battery Replacement with Charger and Air Blower

Charging the battery is as simple as your imagination

Quick and easy to recharge your camera battery with more choice based on your actual request. Option to recharge the battery with Laptop, USB adapter, charger, car charger etc.

The same as the original camera batteries

The performance and specifications of Keenstone replacement batteries for cameras are as precise as Sony NP-BX1 batteries with a slightly higher capacity of 1000mAh / 3.6Wh. The Keenstone Camera batteries can also be charged inside the camera or with the original charger.

Air blower is at your fingertips

Keenstone Air Blower allows you to easily blow dust and particles away from camera lenses and sensors and give you the clearest and most beautiful moment.

Compatible with the following models:

DSC-H400 | DSC-HX50V | DSC-HX80 | DSC-HX90V | DSC-HX300 | DSC-HX400V | DSC-RX1 | DSC-RX1R | DSC-RX1RM2 (RX1R II) | DSC-RX100 | DSC-RX100M2 (RX100 II) | DSC-RX100M3 (RX100 III) | DSC-RX100M4 (RX100 IV) | DSC-RX100M5 (RX100 V) | DSC-WX300 | DSC-WX350 | DSC-WX500 | FDR-X1000V / FDR-X1000VR | FDR-X3000 / FDR-X3000R | HDR-AS10 | HDR-AS15 | HDR-AS20 | HDR-AS30V | HDR-AS50 / HDR-AS50R | HDR-AS100V / HDR-AS100VR | HDR-AS200V / HDR-AS200VR | HDR-AS300 / HDR-AS300R | HDR-CX240 | HDR-CX405 | HDR-CX440 | HDR-MV1 | HDR-PJ275 | HDR-PJ440

Note: If you are not sure of compatibility, contact Keenstone customer support for more information

Package Includes:
2 x Replacement Batteries for Sony NP-BX1, NP-BX1/M8
1 x Dual Battery Charger
1 x Mini-USB Cable
1 x Air Blower
1 x Manual

About Warranty:
18-month manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase
24-hour Easy-to-Get customer service

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