Probio7 Bifikalm | Probiotic Infant Drops for Babies | 1 Billion Bacteria | 8ML (32 Servings) | 2 Clinically Proven Strains

Probio7 Bifikalm | Probiotic Infant Drops for Babies | 1 Billion Bacteria | 8ML (32 Servings) | 2 Clinically Proven Strains

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Publisher: Forever Young International
Media: Personal Care


  • Bifikalm is a high quality, 100% natural digestive health supplement for babies & infants that suffer from digestive discomfort and colic. Clinical evidence shows Bifikalm reduces the amount of time spent crying by up to 68%.
  • Bifikalm contains two clinically proven strains of 'friendly' bacteria which are found naturally in the digestive system and breast-milk. Bifikalm is a specially formulated, infant digestive health supplement designed to restore any imbalances in a baby's gut flora.
  • Imbalances in the gut flora can trigger digestive upsets, gut inflammation, gas production, constipation, diarrhoea and indigestion in newborn and young children. Bifikalm drops supply 1 billion friendly bacteria to the intestine combating and offering infant colic relief.
  • Bifikalm has an easy to use dropper and is suitable for breast-fed and formula-fed babies. The infant drops promote a healthy digestive system reducing indigestion, constipation and ultimately discomfort.
  • Bifikalm is Lactose-Free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free and doesn't need to be refrigerated. Suitable for babies over 2 months.

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Editorial Review

What are Probiotics?

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that exist naturally within the digestive system. They are classed as bacteria that are "good", "helpful" or "friendly" to the gut. Often there can be an imbalance in the gut flora, causing a number of health issues such as digestive discomfort, constipation and a colicky baby.

Bifikalm's clinically-proven formula helps to restore the balance within your baby's digestive tract

Our special formulation supports digestive & immune health by enhancing & maintaining the levels of good bacteria in your baby's gut flora. The multistrain formula uses two extensively-researched bacteria.

Bifikalm is clinically proven to reduce the amount of time spent crying by up to 68% 

The active ingredients in Probio7 Bifikalm are 1 billion of the live good bacteria strains Pediococcus pentosaceus CECT 8330 & Bifidobacterium longum CECT 7894. These are clinically proven to be safe and are naturally present in the human intestine, often referred to as probiotics*.

Our product is made in the EU under the best manufacturing processes.

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