Genuine Miele Vacuum Cleaner 35Mm Upholstery Tool 5512320

Genuine Miele Vacuum Cleaner 35Mm Upholstery Tool 5512320

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Publisher: Miele
Release date:
Media: Kitchen & Home


  • Genuine replacement upholstery tool for your Miele vacuum cleaner.
  • Click on technical details below for a full list of models this part will fit.
  • Prolong the life of your Miele appliance with these simple service products!
  • Manufacturer's Code - 5512320

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Editorial Review

Suitable for the following models- Miele S125, S143, S182, S224, S126, S144, S200, S225, S128, S145, S204, S226, S129, S146, S217, S227, S130, S147, S218, S227I, S135, S148, S219, S228, S138, S157, S220, S228I, S140, S158, S221, S229, S141, S160, S222, S229I, S142, S180, S223, S230I, S231, S249I, S270I, S291, S232I, S250I, S271I, S300, S233, S251I, S272I, S300I, S234I, S252I, S274I, S312I, S236I, S254I, S275I, S316I, S238I, S255I, S276I, S371, S240I, S256I, S278I, S512, S246I, S261I, S280I, S5260, S247I, S262I, S282I, S571, S248I, S269I, S290, S758, S812

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