SPARES2GO 12" Microfibre Cloth Round Filter for Numatic Henry Hetty James Vacuum Cleaners

SPARES2GO 12 Microfibre Cloth Round Filter for Numatic Henry Hetty James Vacuum Cleaners

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Publisher: SPARES2GO


  • Main Cloth Filter made for SPARES2GO to fit Numatic Henry Hetty & James Vacuum Cleaners
  • Fits models: HENRY - HVR-200, HVR-200A, Henry Micro HVR-200M-22, Henry Turbo HVR-200T-2 , Henry Xtra HVX-200, HVX-200A, HZQ-200-2, HZQ-250-2, NQS-250B-22, NVQ-200-22, RSV-130, NB-200, HV-200, HVC-200, HVR200, HVR-200P, HVR-204, HVR-204P, NRV-200, NRV-204, NRV370, NVR-200, NVR-225, NVR-260, NNV-200, NNV-204, NV-225, NV-250, JVR-225, JVC-225, AV-250, SE-250, NV-200, NVH-180, NVH-200, NVP-180, NVP-200, VNP-180, NSP-180A, NSP-200A
  • And models: PSP-180A, PSP-200A, VNR-200, NSR-200A, NVR-200, NRV-200T, PVR-200A, PVT-220A, NST-220A, NVQ-200, NVQ-202, NVQ-204, NVQ-200T, NVQ-250, NVQ-250B, NVQ-252, NVQ-254, NVQ-250T, NQS-200, NQS-200T, AVQ-250, MFQ-300, RSV-130M, RSV-130P, RSV-134, RSV-134P, RSV-130T, RSV-200, RSV-200P, RSV-200M, RSV-204, RSV-204P, RSV-200T, RSAV-200, HZQ-200, HZQ-250 -- HETTY HET-200, HET200A -- JAMES JVP-180, JVP-180A, JVP280, JVR225, JVC225
  • Dimensions: 305mm / 12"
  • Premium Quality, fully compatible replacement / spare part

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