FilterLogic CFL650 Silicone Grease/Lubricant 10g Tube for Coffee/Espresso machine seals gaskets portafilter

FilterLogic CFL650 Silicone Grease/Lubricant 10g Tube for Coffee/Espresso machine seals gaskets portafilter

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Publisher: FilterLogic


  • Food-grade silicone lubricant for incidental contact with water
  • Suitable for all seals and gaskets, portafilters, EPDM, Nitrile etc
  • Service moving parts and brewing units every six months to ensure reliability
  • Designed and tested in all major brands of coffee machine

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Editorial Review

FilterLogic CFL650M is a food-grade silicone lubricant designed to compliment our full range of coffee accessory products. Most machines, including Krups, Delonghi, Saeco and others, have servicing requirements which can be completed at home by a competent DIY'er (to the point where most of these companies sell their own proprietary brand of lubricant just for this job). Lubricating o-rings and gaskets during such cleaning processes enables the parts to re-fit and locate as intended (i.e. reducing o-ring roll) and it reduces the friction where surfaces compress, greatly extending the life of such parts and preventing 'cracks' in the seals from occurring (which can be potentially very damaging to your machine depending on the location). Brew Units for most 'fully automatic machines' (bean to cup) should be lubricated every six months. Lack of lubrication often manifests itself with creaking, cracking or high pitched screeches randomly starting from the brew-unit, and when that starts, its time to do a home-based overhaul! Failing to take care of the critical mechanical parts of your machine will almost certainly lead to premature failure. For grouphead/portafilters and associated seals you should always refer to your maintenance schedules - Some require lubrication and some are intended to fit dry. FilterLogic CFL650M has a working temperature range of -40 to +180 degrees centigrade, meaning it will remain in its applied state without 'gumming' during operation of the machine.

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