Java Suite by: Godowsky, Esther Budiardjo

Java Suite

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Publisher: Chrematizo Label Group
Release date:
Media: Audio CD


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Track List

  • Java Ste, Part I: 1. Gamelan
  • Java Ste, Part I: 2. Wayang - Purwa (Puppet Shadow Plays)
  • Java Ste, Part I: 3. Hari Besaar (The Great Day)
  • Java Ste, Part II: 4. Chattering Monkeys At The Sacred Lake Of Wendit
  • Java Ste, Part II: 5. Boro Budur In Moonlight
  • Java Ste, Part II: 6. The Bromo Volcano And The Sand Sea At Daybreak
  • Java Ste, Part III: 7. Three Dances: I. Moderato
  • Java Ste, Part III: 7. Three Dances: II. L'istesso Tempo
  • Java Ste, Part III: 7. Three Dances: III. Doppio Movt
  • Java Ste, Part III: 8. The Gardens Of Buitenzorg
  • Java Ste, Part III: 9. In The Streets Of Old Batavia
  • Java Ste, Part IV: 10. In The Kraton
  • Java Ste, Part IV: 11. The Ruined Water Castle At Djokja
  • Java Ste, Part IV: 12. A Court Pageant In Solo
  • Novelettes: No.3 Exotique (Danse Javanaise)
  • Le Tour De Monde En Miniature: No.9 La Fl De Bambou Dans La Foret De Bandoeng (Java)
  • Le Tour De Monde En Miniature: No.10 Le Gamelang De Bali (Waiang - Threatre D'Ombres)

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