Gregory & The Hot Air Balloon

Gregory & The Hot Air Balloon

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Publisher: Mindscape
Platform: Mac, Windows
Release date:
Media: CD-ROM

Editorial Review

join gregory and his pet liazrd,Newt, on an exciting interactive adventure and you`ll soon find they need your help.Gregory Chuckwood and Newt set of on a magical journey in their balloon, but soon they`re in trouble,Can you use the clues to help Gregory home to Acorn Hollow. You`ll fin all sorts of enchanting surprises and musical moments along the way including a whole carnival to explore.Read along with three wonderful stories from Acorn Hollow bookshop.Use your eyes and ears to win The Great Mentallos Guessing Game.Explore the Fun House,tiptoe round the Spooky Room or just play games. Sing along to Barkers Robot Band you`ll soon learn their catchy tunes.

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