Tarzan (PC-CD) Disney Hotshots

Tarzan (PC-CD) Disney Hotshots

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Publisher: Disney
Platform: Windows 2000
ESRB Age Rating: Kids to Adults
Media: CD-ROM


  • CD-ROM

Editorial Review

In Jungle Tumble, the first game in Disney's Tarzan, you are asked to help baby Tarzan pack up his tree house. Using the arrows on your keyboard you move the crawling Tarzan up and down the branches and down the ladders. All the time, you have to be on the look out for baby leopards which you can squirt with milk from Tarzan's bottle. This is an easy-to-play game which goes up to three levels so you soon find yourself fending off gorillas or trying to distract them with juicy bananas. At each level, Tarzan gets older so in the final level you find yourself helping Tarzan and Jane knock barrels and boxes into water. In Power Lunch, Tarzan movie characters Terk and Tantor invite you to a jungle feast, which means you have to bounce chameleon balls onto rectangles containing animals. As you bounce into the animal, the ball changes colour and then you have to bounce it into the food that animal eats. For example, the baboon is in a yellow rectangle and the bananas it likes to eat are also yellow. The game gets progressively more demanding. There are 50 levels in all. As you move up, the balls bounce faster and in certain squares you can run into a patch of camouflage and the ball will become invisible for a few seconds. This is a simple game to play but it is rich in variations. The Disney character voiceovers are funny and make the whole game more enjoyable. Technical Details • Jungle Tumble: Classic arcade-style action • Play Tarzan as a baby, young boy, and an adult • Music and animation inspired by Disney's Tarzan • 18 levels of thrills and spills • Power Lunch: Terk and Tantor in a fast paced feeding frenzy • Music and animation inspired by Disney's Tarzan • 50 progressively challenging levels • For ages 3 and up System Requirements : Windows 95/98/ME/2000 and XP Pentium 133Mhz processor 16MB RAM 16Bit sound card Direct X compatible (4MB) video card

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