Zu3D Animation Kit for Windows PCs, Apple Mac OS X and iPad iOS: complete stop motion animation kit with camera, software and animation handbook

Zu3D Animation Kit for Windows PCs, Apple Mac OS X and iPad iOS: complete stop motion animation kit with camera, software and animation handbook

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Publisher: ZuLogic Ltd
Platform: Windows
Media: CD-ROM


  • License


  • Easy to use, fully featured stop-motion animation software, (complete with a library of sound effects, music, artwork and effects ), used in thousands of schools on PC, Mac OSX and iPads.
  • Use a smartphone or tablet as a wireless camera to stream HD+ images to PC or Mac to create amazing quality animation, or use the included USB webcam.
  • PC Pro recommended - *5 stars* - "Powerful stop-motion animation, with tools to suit both primary and secondary school children
  • Includes two everlasting software licenses, animation webcam, green screen, modelling clay, mini-set and handbook.
  • Stop-motion animation, green-screening, import video, drawing tools, animated sprites, sound effects & music

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Editorial Review

Creative Fun For The Whole Family!

The Complete Stop-Motion Animation Kit

  • Use a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) as a high resolution (1920x1080) wireless camera to stream images to PC or Mac
  • Or use the included animation webcam 
  • 2 Everlasting licences for Zu3D Animation Software
  • Includes an extensive library of music, sound effects and background ambient tracks
  • Animation Handbook by Helen Piercy (author of The Animation Studio) 
  • Modelling clay - 8 Colourful strips of NewPlast modelling clay - the animators' choice
  • Green screen setup & printed background

Used in tens of thousands of homes & schools, the Zu3D Animation Kit allows you to create amazing animated films with sound effects, music, titles & credits, green screening, imported effects and much, much more.

In the kit are two licences for the amazing Zu3D animation software. These licences allow you to use Zu3D on Windows PC, Mac OSX or iPad.

Animate with the included USB webcam, or use your smartphone or tablet as a wireless camera, streaming HD (1920x1080) images to your PC or Mac.

Create films about anything & everything, using; Lego, Playmobil, Stikbots, Plasticine, toys etc. Import live action video, straight from your smartphone or tablet and combine with your animation on unlimited videos tracks to make amazing feature films. Finished animations can be uploaded to YouTube or the Zu3D gallery.

Educational, Creative, STEAM, Used in thousands of schools, Zu3D is the educators' choice for animation software

Zu3D has been used to make dragons eat schools and dinosaurs wander down corridors. Children have had face to face conversations with their own clay creations made life sized, they've ridden unicorns through cloudy skies and cleaned the teeth of giants.

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