AquaSafe Verruca Guard Socks for Swimming - Small - Child Size 12.5 - Adult 2

AquaSafe Verruca Guard Socks for Swimming - Small - Child Size 12.5 - Adult 2

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Publisher: AquaSafe
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Media: Sports


  • Aqua Guard Socks are for protection against verrucae and other foot infections
  • Designed to be used in swimming pools, changing rooms, showers and baths
  • Slip resistant sole; Contoured shape for comfort
  • 1 pair per pack
  • Contoured Shape for comfort. 1 pair per pack

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Editorial Review

Aqua Safe guard socks, help to protect feet against verrucae and other foot infections. They are recommended for use in public swimming pools, changing rooms, showers, baths and jacuzzis. They have a slip resistant sole and are contoured in shape for more comfort in use. Made from 100% natural latex. Verrucae and athlete's foot are not waterborne. They are caught by feet making contact with contaminated wet surfaces. This means if you can't find the perfect size, don't worry if a little water gets in. Extra Small is recommended for uk child shoe sizes 9 to 12. Is recommended for uk shoe sizes 12.5(Child) to 2(adult). medium is recommended for uk shoe sizes 3 to 5. Large is recommended for uk shoe sizes 5.To 8. Extra large is recommended for uk shoe sizes 8.5 to 11 Directions for use: Gather up sock and pull gently onto foot. It is important to be gentle with the sock and to not pull with sharp nails. Socks should be worn on the same foot each time to prevent cross contamination, they are marked with L and R. The range of sizes available are intended to cover a wide selection of feet sizes. This means that some feet may not fit perfectly; either because they are in-between sizes, (eg: small is a little too tight, and medium is a little too loose) or injuries and irregularly shaped feet don't quite match up with the shape of the sock. After use wash thoroughly with clean water, towel dry, then dust lightly with talcum powder. Talcum powder can also aid in fitting on the socks if there is too much friction from the rubber. To aid waterproofing, the ankle opening can be sealed with surgical tape, especially if the socks are intended to protect a foot dressing or injury. The sole of the sock is designed to improve grip on wet surfaces compared to wet bare feet. However care should always be taken as different surfaces and amount of water can drastically impact footing regardless of footwear.

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