Sportly Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls, 3-Star 40Mm Advanced Training Regulation Balls 12 Pack White

Sportly Table Tennis Ping Pong Balls, 3-Star 40Mm Advanced Training Regulation Balls 12 Pack White

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  • PERFECT SIZE FOR PLAY: These Tennis Balls measure at 40mm because we know that this size is excellent for playing your best game of table tennis. In the official tournaments this is the offical approved size for players to use. The size also allows for strategic advantages.
  • PERFECT WEIGHT: Unlike other standard tennis balls, our tennis balls are the perfect weight to play with. Our tennis balls beat the standard ones in playing well because their weight is perfect for play by both professional and amateur tennis ball players.
  • GREAT BOUNCE, POWER AND SPIN: All SportzGo 40mm Tennis Table Balls are outfitted with an excellent bounce power. With this powerful bounce you can have a consistent volley. These balls also have great spin capabilities so you can rest assured that when you are playing you can spin those balls right around back at your opponent!
  • 12 PACK SET: This set features 12 Tennis Balls in the color white. These balls are easy to spot, easy to clean and being sold at a great value. You will not find any higher quality tennis balls sold in a set of 12 at this price except by SportzGo !
  • 100% SATISACTION GUARANTEED: SportzGo guarantees that all our items are approved and of excellent quality. We strive to satisfy all our customers with our amazing products at amazing prices. You will love all things SportzGo makes.

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Why Sportly® Tennis Table Balls Are the Best on the Market

• They are all 3-star Advanced Training Balls

• They have great bounce and power

• Environmentally Friendly

• 12 Pack of White Balls

• Perfect Weight for Consistent Quick Play

True Table Tennis sports players or the occasional dabbler are always on the lookout for the newest items out there that will give them a superior athletic advantage over their opponent. This usually comes down to the balls that are used to played with. The better the ball, the better the game. Sportly® makes the best Table Tennis Balls on the market that are built to keep the fun going. You no longer have to settle for substandard balls to play one of the most competitive sports in the country with. Everyone knows that when it comes to table tennis, the weight, shape and overall quality of the ball determines your win. Sportly® balls are fast, strong and exactly what you are looking for.

Measuring at 40mm these tennis table balls are the right size to keep your game going. What makes our tennis table balls so amazing are that they are 3- Star balls which makes them great for use in tournaments and they are approved by the USA Table Tennis organization and the International Table Tennis Federation as well. Three star rating balls are well known for giving the player complete ball control, a great, powerful bounce and providing longer volleys. Even if you are not a professional player you should still give table tennis a try. This is because table tennis is a great game that gives both your upper and lower body a good workout.

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