Xn8 Sports Neoprene Ankle Weights Black Pink Adjustable Resistant Leg Wrist Strap Running Cross Fitness Gym Training Exercise

Xn8 Sports Neoprene Ankle Weights Black Pink Adjustable Resistant Leg Wrist Strap Running Cross Fitness Gym Training Exercise

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  • ✅ UNSURPASSED QUALITY: Do not confuse the Xn8 ankle weights with other non patented products on the market. Manufactured using only the highest quality neoprene material, the Xn8 ankle weights are amongst the most robust in the fitness industry.
  • ✅ VERSATILITY: With an excellent grip and aesthetically pleasing design, the Xn8 ankle weights stays firmly attached to your ankle, can be used for a whole array of exercises including but not limited to dead lifts, squats and lunges. With the patented non slip and stackable design, you are purchasing a product backed by many years of research.
  • ✅ GET RESULTS FAST: Suitable for muscle building, fat burning and achieving utmost agility and core strength. The Xn8 ankle weights are a perfect aid for general fitness or more focused workouts in aerobics and yoga classes. Add intensity to every workout and helpful in strengthening biceps, triceps, tone hips, thighs and calves while running. Additionally the ankle weights can burn additional calories in aerobic exercises, day to day activities such as cleaning, or walking
  • ✅ VARIOUS COLOURS AND SIZES AVAILABLE: Choose from 0.5Kg, 1Kg, 1.5Kg, 2Kg pairs in different colours.
  • ✅ GUARANTEE: We take great pride in providing you with unparalleled quality, advice and after service. For whatever reason you find this product is not for you, simply return it no obligation. Remember we specialise and focus on the sports and fitness industry with our products used at gyms and homes all over the world.

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Editorial Review

Xn8 ankle weights are manufactured using the highest quality eco friendly neoprene material fitted with solid adjustable velcro straps for firm stability on the legs. With excellent grip and a non slip patented easy to stack design, you can be assured of the perfect workout to enhance both your body strength and muscles.
Sold as a pair, the Xn8 ankle weights have been designed to not only be aesthetically pleasing, but equally practical to carry to your yoga, fitness and aerobics classes.The ankle weights are an ideal workout tool for weight training aimed at building muscles generally or focusing on smaller muscle groups to improve definition and resistance
.The Xn8 ankle weights are perfect for all ages and for both men and women engaged in professional gym use or home training use.
Available in a range of weights and vibrant colours these are a must have item for both the seasoned professional and those just starting out.
Available weights:Sets of 0.5Kg, 1Kg, 1.5Kg, 2Kg pair.
Colours:Pink, Blue, Black, Grey, Purple

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