KOMODO Neoprene Weighted Hand Gloves For Fitness Training Rehabilitation Gym Boxing MMA (2 x 1KG)

KOMODO Neoprene Weighted Hand Gloves For Fitness Training Rehabilitation Gym Boxing MMA (2 x 1KG)

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  • ✅ INCREASE INTENSITY - Weighted gloves increase the intensity of your exercise enabling you to build muscle strength and tone your arms.
  • ✅ BURN CALORIES - You will burn more calories wearing the gloves than you will without them. You gain increased benefits from exercising without having to work out for longer.
  • ✅ VERSATILE KIT - Komodo weighted gloves can be used to intensify any form of exercise from walking to kickboxing!
  • ✅ SAFE TO USE - Your hands remain in a natural position so using the gloves will not unduly stress your body.
  • ✅ CONVENIENT - With weighted gloves, there's no equipment to put down if you need to drink, wipe away sweat or adjust your hair.

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Editorial Review

Perfect for enhancing any form of workout, the Komodo Weighted Gloves up the intensity of your exercise, helping to tone your arms in the process. Whether you prefer walking, aerobic activities or kickboxing, weighted gloves push you harder and promote improved strength. All you need to do is move your arms as much as possible as you exercise to ensure that you maximise your benefits.

Pump your arms back and forth, raise them, perform curls or press them over your head to take your exercise to the next level. Your muscles experience greater resistance as you move and the gloves are safe to use. Fashioned from durable and comfortable neoprene, the gloves feature a hook and loop closure for convenience and are designed to reduce the risk of strain for new users. As they are available in two different weights, you are able to build your strength gradually over time or to vary your routines. Simply start with the lighter gloves and build your strength before moving on to the heavier pair.

Gloves are easier and safer to use than dumbbells as you cannot lose your grip and you will be maintaining your hands in a natural position. You can eat or drink when you need to, adjust your hair or wipe away that annoying sweat without any problem or having to put down your equipment. You work harder and burn more calories when you are wearing the gloves and so you gain more benefits from your exercise without having to undertake longer sessions.

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