Lamaze - Sea Fun Bath Set

Lamaze - Sea Fun Bath Set

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Publisher: Learning Curve
Media: Toy


  • The Lamaze Infant Development System guides you through three key stages of your baby's development
  • Lamaze toys grow with babies
  • Toys are enjoyed in new ways as the-months go by
  • With every Lamaze stage three toy you give, you help baby to - moving and doing - sorting and stacking play builds motor skills and inspires imagination
  • Manufacturer's recommended age six-months plus

Editorial Review

The Lamaze Sea Fun Bath Set comprises five colourful bath time companions--a floating octopus, a floating fish, a clam shell scoop, a red crab and a towelling starfish glove puppet, along with a mesh storage bag so toys can drip dry after bath time.

As part of the phase four pretend and discover group of Lamaze toys, this set is designed to inspire imaginative play and develop finer motor and conceptual skills in babies 12 months and up.

Even so, nine-month-old testers had a whale of time with this set. They liked watching Dad use the clam scoop to pour water and reached out to touch the waterfall. Submerging the crab brought bubbles to the surface and giggles all around. But the firm favourites were the squishy octopus and fish which were chased all around the bath tub and then gnawed on to relieve teething gums--they were brilliant for chewing on! Our bathers were also captivated by the mesh bag, clasping the handle and placing the toys in, then out, over and over again.

Slightly older babies and toddlers will certainly have fun scooping and pouring the water themselves and placing their hands inside the starfish's pocket to animate their smiley bath buddy. And of course, although it is a bath set, the toys can be used wet or dry, extending their play value.

Boasting an Oppenheimer Best Toy Award Gold Seal, this set was an overall bath-time winner. It is nicely packaged--as is the entire Lamaze range--making it a lovely gift for your favourite baby or toddler. --Ann Prahl

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