Tomy Crunching Crocodile Game

Tomy Crunching Crocodile Game

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Publisher: Tomy
Media: Toy


  • Electronic crunching, munching crazy crocodile game
  • For three to five players
  • Features 2 x AA batteries required (not included)
  • Easy to assemble


Editorial Review

'Crunching Crocodile' is the electronic crunching, munching crazy crocodile game! This is a fast moving game for 3 to 5 players, aged 4 years and over.

To play the game, you first 'Lay out the Lunch!' by placing the game board on a flat surface so that all the players can easily reach a lily pad. Then you place the frogs on the lily leaf and finally set up the croc. This takes a couple minutes – no longer – and you’re ready to go!

So now 'Start the Croc!' Each player takes it in turn to control the croc, starting with the youngest player – the other players each take control of one of the frogs sitting on a lily pad. Each frog has five 'lives', represented by coloured cards (different colours for each frog) which are laid out in front of the player with the ‘munched’ picture face down.

Now it's 'Munchtime for the Croc'. The croc player turns over the playing cards one by one – antelope and hippo, elephant and rhino – but look out, here's the croc! When this card appears, it's scramble time. The croc man tries to be first so that he can munch all the frogs, the frog players try desperately to get off the lily pad before they get munched – absolute mayhem!

If you get munched, you lose a life – but beware - Let sleeping crocs lie! If the sleeping croc picture is turned over, make sure you don’t do anything to wake him, or you'll get punished. If you leap out of turn, you also get punished by losing a life. The winner of the game is the player with the last surviving frog. But no cheating the kids, you overgrown funsters – no peaking at the cards to gain an advantage. Remember, you can keep your trigger hand handy but if you get trigger happy it will cost you!

A fun, fast family game that will encourage friendly competition while creating hours of frenzied fun. Full instructions included – requires 2 x AA batteries (not supplied). --Ben King

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