SUSSED All Sorts (Hilarious Family Friendly Conversation Card Game) (Find Out Who Knows Who Best)

SUSSED All Sorts (Hilarious Family Friendly Conversation Card Game) (Find Out Who Knows Who Best)

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Publisher: Games to Get Ltd
Media: Toy


  • A family friendly, feel good quiz game that inspires face-to-face conversation by challenging players to express their true personality and figure each other out
  • With over 200 scenarios to choose from, you will need your powers of reason and intuition to discover who knows who best | Boosts critical thinking (level 1/3)
  • Perfect for increasing self-awareness and empathy | Have fun swapping views on speaking to animals, taking a mud bath, lip reading, treasure hunting, flying to the moon, turning back time, weeing in the sea, becoming invisible - and much, much more
  • Pocket-sized | Easy to play and take anywhere | Enjoyed by kids aged 6+, teenagers, young adults, parents, grandparents, couples, friends, colleagues, teachers
  • Recommended by the Good Toy Guide for 2018 | 2 - 10 players | 55 premium Sussed cards; 150 score sheets; rules | Discover the Sussed range by clicking on SUSSED above

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Editorial Review

This is a tabletop game you will not forget. It is time to bring out your personality with this game for families. This is a game for debates, an educational game for families and an icebreaker. It is packed with conversation starters for kids and conversation starters for families. It contains 220 trivia quiz questions, making it an original trivia game where you won't need general knowledge to win. The multiple choice questions are about you, your feelings and your story. This game of humanity is also a great game for teenagers, and their families who are struggling to communicate with them and perfect for increasing confidence and assertion skills. It is also a feelings game. This is a small game so it can be a gift. But do not let this pocket game fool you. It is a travel game, a game to take on holiday, play in the car or play on a plane. And it is not just a holiday game, it is also an after dinner game for playing at home, so it is good as a rainy day game or indoor activity. So if you are a fan of truth or dare games, would you rather games, or just the best new card games in general, then this is for you. The number of players does not matter, this is a fun game for 2 players, 3 players, 4 players, 5 players, 6 players, 7 players, 8 players, 9 players or 10 players. This means it is both a party game for 2018 and a board game for two players. Like all card games, this game has endless re-playability, so you can play a double game if you like. With quick, simple, easy rules this imaginative game is a stocking filler even for people who do not usually like games. So for your next family game night, whether you need a game for a big group of guests or a game for a small group of friends, play Sussed, the game that's both a board game for adults and a game for families. This is a speaking game and a talking game.

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