Skeleton Bone Spray PrimerSkeleton Bone Spray PrimerSkeleton Bone Spray PrimerSkeleton Bone Spray PrimerSkeleton Bone Spray PrimerSkeleton Bone Spray Primer

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Skeleton Bone Spray Primer

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  • UNIQUE COLOUR WITH 100% MATCH - This undercoat primer with very fine pigment is a perfect primer for all paint jobs requiring a Skeleton Bone surface. This primer acts as the perfect first step in the special The Army Painter Spray, Paint, Dip, Done! Speed Painting Method – All our colour primers are made to match our line of Warpaints of the same name. If you happen to paint outside the lines, just clean up using the Skeleton Bone Warpaint from our acrylic paint line
  • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - All Colour Primers of The Army Painter are an ingenious combination of traditional Primer and highly pigmented Colour Spray in one to save you both time and money. No need for 2 different sprays - all you need is 1 Colour Primer
  • VERSATILITY AND EXCELLENT COVERAGE - The Colour Primers unique formula has been designed to be used on all metal, plastic and resin miniatures and leaves a perfect finish
  • ACRYLIC AND FAST DRYING - All Army Painter primers are Acrylic based, matte and dry very quickly. Be sure to read the best-use guide printed on the can and clean your nozzles by spraying the can upside down for a bit after each use to ensure longevity for any spray paint
  • BORN FROM GAMING – The Army Painter is the brainchild of wargaming and painting veterans of many years Bo Penstoft and Jonas Færing – We wanted to produce the paints and accessories that could have carried us all the way from the level of novice to experienced painters and gamers when we first started out. With The Army Painter our aim is to help you get awesome painted models on the table, and still get more time for Gaming!

Product info

  • Color: Beige
  • Binding: Toy
  • Brand: The Army Painter
  • Languages: English
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 8.00 Inches
    • Width: 2.50 Inches
    • Length: 2.50 Inches

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