BESTOYARD Dental Mouth Opener Cheek Retractors for Mouthguard Challenge Game or Dentistry - Clear, Size M,12 Pcs

BESTOYARD Dental Mouth Opener Cheek Retractors for Mouthguard Challenge Game or Dentistry - Clear, Size M,12 Pcs

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Publisher: BESTOYARD
Media: Personal Care


  • Originally created for dental use, these "mouth openers" have become the inspiration for a hilarious new game that's been going viral on the web. 
  • The Game: Put on one of these mouth openers and try to say a challenge phrase. Can your partner understand what you're trying to say when you can't close your lips?
  • "We were all rolling on the floor laughing" is a typical comment from people who have played this game, sometimes called "Watch Ya Mouth" "Mouthguard Challenge" or "Dental Mouth Opener Challenge".
  • 12 pieces to a set, made of medical quality polycarbonate. The edges are smoothed and these are comfortable to wear.
  • Can be used for dental purposes as well, of course. They're often used with home teeth-whitening procedures to keep the whitening agent away from lips and gums.

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Editorial Review

If you're here because you've seen some of the hilarious videos featuring the "mouth opener game", there's not much more you need to know. You've come to the right place, and these are the things you need to play the game. Unlike some similar products, these retractors are comfortable to wear for most people over 13 (the game is less fun if it hurts!) and don't unintentionally slip off.

If you haven't seen people playing this game yet, you should open a new tab in your browser right away and do a search for "mouth opener game" videos. It's a great game for family gatherings, parties, or any time a few friends get together. In addition to the challenge-phrase game, other fun (and messy) things to try are drinking water and eating.

Not just for fun and games, these appliances, technically called "cheek and lip retractors," have serious uses as well. Some people using home teeth whitening kits find that these retractors are much better than the usual trays for allowing you to apply the whitening compound to the teeth while keeping it off of the lips and gums.

So whether for fun, for serious use, or for both, these are the "mouth openers" you need!

This BESTOYARD product is sold with a one-year unconditional money-back guarantee. If you're unsatisfied with this item for any reason, we'll immediately refund your purchase price. 

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