PikyKwiky Matchify Card Game - MadeOf Theme

PikyKwiky Matchify Card Game - MadeOf Theme

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Publisher: PikyKwiky
Media: Toy


  • FANTASTIC FAST-PACED CARD GAME: Best games are simple and fast. This fun-packed card game gets family and friends up and playing in minutes. Engaging, addictive and challenging. Keeps you on your toes.
  • RIDICULOUSLY COMPETITIVE BRAIN TEASING ACTION: Match pictures to stack up wins. Interactive gameplay sharpens visual perception, observation and language skills. Think fast or it's curtains. Blindingly simple but fiendishly clever.
  • PERFECT FOR FAMILY & FRIENDS: Revs up the fun for 2 to 8 players. Children 6+ will love it. Teenagers, grandparents & your tribe, all competing for glory.
  • 4 GAMES IN 1: 4 cool games to kickstart the fun times. Start simple ... then get smarter. Play Valley, Mountains, Golden Frog or River Delta. And play to WIN.
  • HOURS OF FUN ... IN A TIN: 72 colourful cards spread over 2 decks plus easy-to-follow instructions your cat could work out. Portable, hardwearing tin is travel-friendly, tidy and safe. High quality materials. Neat presentation. Yummy.

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Editorial Review

No Messing Around
When the fun starts, the last thing you want is anything complicated. Who wants fiddly pieces and a zillion rules? No Way! Matchify says ... let's breeze through the rules in a few mins, get everyone round the table - and go for it!

Fast-paced Card Game
Best games are simple and fast - and Matchify is a high speed doozy. You match pictures on cards to win. Compete to make the links before your opponents. Sounds easy, but when the heat is on and everyone is racing to be top dog, that's when the challenge begins. This baby tests your observation, sharpens your language skills and powers up the Fingers on Buzzers factor. Addictive, clever and seriously challenging!

All for One & One for All!
Perfect for 2 to 8 players. That's family, friends ... everyone in your tribe. Young children will love it! They KNOW when grown ups let them win, and this game is so smart they'll see the playing field is levelled for REAL. Great confidence booster! Field day for competitive teenagers, great for grandparents who remember proper games before computers.

4 Brainteasing Games in 1
Once you've figured the basics you can go crazy! Get creative! These beautifully illustrated cards could even inspire stories. Perfect for imaginary friends and cuddlies!

Colourful, Hardwearing Packaging - and Portable!
Fun in a tin never looked so good. 72 beautifully illustrated cards spread over 2 decks, plus easy-to-follow instructions. These colourful and engaging cards come safe and snug in a hardwearing tin. You'll want to play this game over and over - which is why it's made to last. Travels anywhere you want to go - tabletop to car seat, airport to beach.

Just add family and friends, sprinkle with enthusiasm - and you're ready to roll.

Matchify - Your New House Favourite

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