Blue Orange BLUWHO01"Who Did It" Game, Multi-Colour

Blue Orange BLUWHO01Who Did It Game, Multi-Colour

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Publisher: Blue Orange
Release date:
Media: Toy


  • Who Did It? is an exciting and fun card game for the whole family
  • Use your memory and quick reflexes to prove your pets' innocence
  • Ideal for ages 6 and up
  • 3 to 6 players
  • 15 minutes play time
  • Styles may vary.

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Editorial Review

In the card game Who Did It?, players race to get rid of their cards so that they can avoid the blame of owning the animal that pooped. Each game is as fun as it is fast; quickly find your card, be the first to throw it down, then blame someone else! Was it YOUR cat that pooped in the living room? Because it sure wasn't my bunny!

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