This Island Earth [VHS] starring: Jeff Morrow, Faith Domergue, Rex Reason, Lance Fuller, Russell Johnson

This Island Earth [VHS]

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Editorial Review

A mysterious, pilotless plane carries scientist Rex Reason to a colony of America's best and brightest minds. They have been kidnapped by a dying alien race, the Metalunians, to repair their defence shield before their enemies destroy their world completely, and are to be found toiling under their spying eyes and futuristic security cameras (two-way TVs that dominate every room). Jeff Morrow, under a raised forehead, bronze tan, and snow-white hair, philosophises as Exeter, the thoughtful Metalunian torn between his duty and his morals as he forces the plucky humans to labour in his race's defence. The moody mystery of the first half turns to pure pulp adventure when the humans are transported across the galaxy to the battle-scarred world of Metaluna, under the threatening watch of a monstrous bug-eyed monster with a giant brain for a head and massive claws for hands. There is a genuine sense of wonder to Joseph Newman's intergalactic adventure, one of the most ambitious science fiction films of the 1950s. The story is simple space opera, but the futuristic designs of glass and metal, the marvellous alien makeup, and grand-standing special effects invest the film with a Technicolor splendour. Faith Domergue co-stars as a nuclear physicist and Gilligan's Island's Russell Johnson makes his first professorial appearance as a scientist. Science-fiction auteur Jack Arnold was an unbilled co-director. --Sean Axmaker

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