Nini's Treehouse: Nursery Rhymes [VHS] by: Ni Ni's Treehouse

Nini's Treehouse: Nursery Rhymes [VHS]

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Publisher: Carlton
Release date:
Media: VHS Tape
Number of discs: 2

Editorial Review

NiNi's Treehouse, Nursery Rhymes is a creative and educational 45-minute video aimed at the under-fives. Co-produced by GMTV and the Itsy Bitsy Entertainment Company, this, the first NiNi video, is set in magical Oooberryland and features the cuddly, big-eared host and his friends.

NiNi sketches most of the 14 nursery rhymes covered, allocating a special book for each. He uses his friends the Treezle Twins as the main characters, causing much fun for the fluffy green duo as they feature in rhymes including "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "This Little Pig Went to Market". Traditional wording is used in all the rhymes: Jack "breaks his crown" rather than falling "all the way down". Nini explains the meaning of outdated words such as "tuffet" and "curds and whey", and there is plenty of hilarity when NiNi teaches the Twins the tongue-twister "Peter Piper". Short, engaging stories complement the rhymes and are provided by NiNi's friends Norman and the Fingerlings, Oupagogo, Horace the Hippo, the Stringy Things and the Drawing Children.

There are important messages too. Politeness and consideration for others are emphasised in the interaction between NiNi and the Twins. The importance of each individual and the cruelty of jealousy are looked at respectively by Horace the H ippo and the Drawing Children.

The combination of puppets and 2-D and 2-D animation brings many colourful characters to life. This together with the universal appeal of rhymes means that NiNi's Treehouse, Nursery Rhymes will receive an enthusiastic response from its young audience. --Tracey Hogan

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