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At the moment, does not have an Ireland store. Irish shoppers have until now had no choice but to browse in Pounds Sterling, and rely on currency convertors to see the values in Euro. Shop Ireland has been built to allow Irish shoppers to browse products in Euro, add them to their cart in Euro, and see the totals in Euro before buying from Amazon.

Shop Ireland provides a free service that shows's prices in Euro with Irish VAT included. All orders are handled by Amazon, and we have no control or influence on product prices or availability. is not owned, operated or managed by Amazon.

Is this site just for Ireland?

All prices on this site are listed in Euro and Pounds Sterling, and so can be used throughout Europe and the UK. For example, if you are shopping in Spain or Greece, and would rather browse Amazon in Euro, this site allows you. France and Germany have their own Amazon stores, but the sites are in French and German. If you would prefer to browse both in Euro and English, Shop Ireland is the best choice.

Any other Questions?

We value your custom and are constantly working to improve this website. Please contact us with any questions, suggestions or feedback.

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